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Tphis indenture made between the powerful prince John, King of Castile and León, T Duke of Lancaster, on the one hand, and Richard of Ryxton, esquire, on the other hand, witnesses that the said Richard is retained and attached to the same king and duke for peace and war for the term of his life in the following manner, that is, that the aforesaid Richard shall be bound to serve the aforesaid king and duke as well in time of peace as of war for the duration of his life and to work with him in what areas the said king and duke shall please, along with two companions, men-at-arms and six archers, well and conveniently arrayed for war. And the said Richard shall be entitled to wages and bouche of court1 in the various places to which he shall be sent by the letters of the aforesaid king and duke, by his commandment. And the same Richard will take from the said king and duke for the war for himself, his aforesaid com-panions, men-at-arms, and aforesaid archers the customary wages of war as the aforesaid king and duke will take from our lord the king for similar men-at-arms and archers, at the hands of the treasurer of the same king and duke for the war that shall be waged at the time. And with regard to the horses of the said Richard and his said companions, men-at-arms, taken and lost in war in the service of the aforesaid king and duke, together with the equipment of himself, his said companions, men-at-arms, archers abovenamed, their horses, servants, and harness whatsoever and also from the beginning of his year of war, and for the prisoners of war, profits of war, taken or gained by the said Richard his companions men-at-arms, and archers abovenamed, or for any of their people and servants, the said king and duke will act towards the same Richard in the same way as he will do to other esquires of his estate and condition for similar men at arms and archers, as is above said. In witness whereof the two parties abovesaid have interchangeably put their seals on these indentures. Given at Rothwell [Rothewellehawe] on the last day of April the eighth year of the reign of King Richard the second since the conquest.