chapter  25
Distribution and presentation
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The forward plan should, therefore, reflect and harmonise with the house-style or corporate identity of the museum while clearly standing out as a major policy document.


You will already have ensured that in order to achieve maximum impact the material contained in your plan is well structured and information and ideas are presented in an ordered sequence. You will have reduced complex information to manageable chunks and used plenty of headings and summaries to make the reader’s job as easy as possible. Always put yourself in the reader’s place and remember that your forward plan will have to compete with many other documents for attention. Brevity, clarity and readability will all count in your favour, so put non-vital information in the form of appendices together with detailed budgets, staffing charts and other

supporting documents. Wherever possible use a word processor right from the start to help you organise and amend your material, and to ensure that the final print-out is clear, correct and well laid out. This will greatly assist the reader to grasp your ideas quickly and easily.