chapter  5
Understanding your Self
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Anorexia nervosa often develops as a way of coping with a diffi cult situation. Your mind becomes fi lled with the bully thoughts that are synonymous with anorexia nervosa and food becomes a fi xation. The more you think about food, the more the initial problem is suppressed and no longer causes you to feel anxious. The coping tools that the anorexia bully provides may give you an initial sense of relief as unpleasant things are shut out. However, just because you are no longer aware of the problem, doesn’t mean that it is not there. It may be hidden deeply. Sometimes, the original problem is no longer an issue but you may unconsciously act as though it is still there. If you realise you have been avoiding a problem, follow these steps:

1. Clearly defi ne the problem. 2. Brainstorm – think of solutions. 3. Weigh up your position. 4. Choose an option. 5. Review.