Intermezzo: The Theory & Event Interview
BySovereignty, Multitudes, Absolute Democracy: A Discussion between Michael Hardt and Thomas L.Dumm about Hardt’s and Negri’s Empire
Pages 13

Michael Hardt: Negri now has a work-release arrangement whereby he is free to go where he pleases during the day but must return each night to the Rebibbia prison near Rome. After spending fourteen years in exile in France, he returned to Italy and prison in 1997 in the hope that he could both resolve his own case and work for a general amnesty for all those accused of crimes on the basis of their political activities in the 1960s and seventies. There has been no movement in the Italian Parliament toward such an amnesty, however, and Negri’s own case has proceeded according to normal criminal procedures. In 1998, he reached the midpoint of his sentence (including the four and a half years he served before going to France) and he was thus eligible for work release. In 2001, when he reaches the point when three years remain on his sentence, he will be eligible for parole.1