chapter  14
Case study: Interactive design: David Bickerstaff
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David Bickerstaff is the Creative Director of Newangle Multimedia. The companyis a new media design company and specialises in the production of interactiveinstallations for museums and galleries. Institutions that Newangle has worked with include the Holocaust Memorial Centre,

Detroit, where it was commissioned to produce a variety of videos and large-scale installations (2003). At the National Maritime Museum, Cornwall, UK (2003) they designed interactive installations for an enormous, theatrical museum space where exhibits dealt with marine history and included real objects such as boats suspended from the ceiling. Their work wove the stories of nine key boats into a visually powerful and immersive ‘title sequence’ that could introduce the visitor to the themes explored throughout the rest of the museum. For the Singapore Science Centre (2002) they created animations to tell the story of the discovery of the electron and its impact on modern life. At Thinktank (2002), a hands-on science centre in Birmingham, UK, the interactive displays they created dealt with issues relevant to modern medicine and used a range of presentation forms such as gaming and multi-screen interactivity.