chapter  30
The location of new media in culture
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The exponential expansion of computer networks and applications of digital technologies over the past two decades have been central to the development of the concept of globalisation, the networked society and the information revolution. All of these concepts and the issues and debates they raise are familiar territory in the discussion and practice of new media. There is no one correct theory or explanation for the enormous global changes that have taken place, but rather a number of competing positions and prescriptions. The concept of globalisation is centrally about recognising that the world economy has undergone a fundamental restructuring and reorganisation. The new global information superhighway can be seen either as a progressive force for future world peace and prosperity, or as a new form of media and cultural imperialism that maintains the divide between rich and poor. One of the things that most accounts of globalisation agree upon is the emphasis upon the structuring power of technological and economic systems in determining social and cultural change (Kellner 1995).