chapter  13
When Du Pont Entered Mexico (1902–1928): How the Network Played the Game
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During the nineteenth century, Du Pont de Nemours expanded its activities throughout the United States mostly by supplying black powder, dynamite, and smokeless powder to the American government. 1 The company started to sell its products abroad at the beginning of the twentieth century, especially to the Canadian and Mexican governments. 2 By 1910, the company operated a joint venture in Canada with Nobel Industries 3 and owned a nitrate field in Chile that provided it with raw material. 4 During World War I, it supplied the British and the French with gunpowder and other explosives. 5 After the war, Du Pont entered into negotiations in pursuit of various international investment opportunities in China, Cuba, Chile, and Japan. 6 Concerning Mexico, the company received a variety of investment propositions, but, initially, none of them captured the company’s attention.