chapter  12
The Brussels Democratic Association and the Communist Manifesto
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About 150 years have passed since the publication of the Communist Manifesto in 1848. Countless research papers dealing with it are available to this day. The Communist Manifesto has sold more than ten million copies all over the world. However, it is quite surprising that most writers address it from the standpoint of the history of Marx’s and Engels’s ideas. The point of view that research papers on the Communist Manifesto should be about the development of these ideas is not always wrong, given that it was Marx and Engels who wrote the (anonymously published) Communist Manifesto, and that it was Marx and Engels who published its second edition under their own names in 1872. Judging by the enormous impact that their ideas have had on the world in the 20th century, the fact that only two names are mentioned when talking about the Communist Manifesto is understandable.