chapter  10
Hearing voices in children: The message of the voices: Sandra Escher
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Voice hearing in children and adolescents may occur in the context of a variety of psychiatric states such as schizophrenia (Bettes and Walker, 1987; Galdos et al., 1993; Galdos and van Os, 1995; Green et al., 1992), anxiety and depression (Chambers et al., 1982; Garralda, 1984a; Ryan et al., 1987), migraine (Schreier, 1998), trauma, dissociation and reactive psychoses (Altmann et al., 1997; Famularo et al., 1992; Putnam and Peterson, 1994). All these studies use selected clinical samples, and long-term follow-ups of such groups with small numbers and suggest variable outcomes, re¯ecting the heterogeneity of the recruitment procedures in the different studies (Del Beccaro et al., 1988; Garralda, 1984b).