chapter  16
Understanding psychosis and cognitive therapy: David Kingdon
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One night as a teenager, I was watching TV and suddenly heard `David' called out, clearly and precisely ± and in the rather annoyed tone of my mother's voice. I jerked up, looked around, only to realize that she was out that evening. It was a bit puzzling but I dismissed it as just `one of those things' ± I had been a bit sleepy and maybe it related to that. I thought no more of it until I came to start working with people who experienced voices and began to think about whether it was a voice-hearing experience. It was ¯eeting and very brief but certainly was an experience of hearing sounds that did not seem to have an obvious external cause. I was not quite sure how to explain it at the time. It did not occur again and so it faded as a memory until reactivated much later. I do not remember discussing it at the time. If it had returned again I probably would have done so although I could understand someone being worried what others might think of them if they described such experiences.