chapter  3
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Best Practices in the Network Journalism Sphere

ByAnsgard Heinrich

Journalism is a gateway to learn about the world. And in an increasingly globalized sphere, the responsibility of journalists to enhance our knowledge about the world and provide context appears to become ever more important. Scholars concerned with globalization (e.g., Appadurai 1990; Beck 2000, 2005) have explained that in the networked era, social, cultural, economic, and fi nancial matters are interconnected across borders. But how can journalists make sense of this interconnected world? Digital technologies provide greater access and allow journalists to connect to virtually anyone anywhere. Yet journalists still have to learn how to use these technologies to enhance their reporting. This ultimately leads to ethical considerations. What makes journalism ethical in a globalized world? Can we identify best ethical practices when reporting from afar? And how can digital tools help to cover news in the global sphere?