chapter  14
23 Pages

Analysing qualitative data

WithSally Everett, Areej Shabib Aloudat

This chapter discusses the ways in which qualitative data can be securely retained, analysed and interpreted – both manually and with the help of computer software. There are three main approaches to the technical and mechanical side of qualitative data coding. They are: manual: coloured pens, paper, cutting and pasting, numbering; computer-aided: Excel spreadsheet or MS Word grids; and qualitative data analysis software packages. The chapter particularly focuses on grounded theory and provides detailed case studies into how this approach to qualitative data generation and data analysis works in practice. It covers the following key areas: organising and storing tourism student qualitative data; coding and approaches to qualitative data analysis; different types of data analysis: content, doman and discourse; and interpreting visual images and film. The chapter helps to understand tourism student role as a data analyst. It analyses and interprets visual images and film.