chapter  16
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Analysing qualitative data using NVivo

WithSally Everett, Areej Shabib Aloudat

This chapter helps to identify and understand which computer software for coding is appropriate. It shows qualitative data analysis software works. The basic functions in most of the programs outlined include storage of all relevant data, importing files, text editing, note and memo taking, coding, text retrieval and code (node)/category manipulation. Increasingly, the software allows the researcher to create visual diagrams, models and presentations so relationships are easy to present and articulate. NVivo allows tourism students to create and use nodes as part of 'tree nodes'. Coding strips are often useful to see how documents have been coded. Often the same data can be assigned a number of different codes. A memo may be about tourism student’s project as a whole or it could be 'linked' to a particular project item. They are important aspects of their research process, especially with a grounded theory approach.