chapter  18
30 Pages

Analysing quantitative data using SPSS

ByRamesh Durbarry

This chapter utilises the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) software to illustrate how to analyse data and perform basic tests to enrich tourism students' findings and conclusions. It shows how to make use of inferential statistics so that the tourism students can provide an informed discussion for the phenomenon under study. The chapter explains how to use SPSS to summarise tourism students' data, carry out confidence intervals for the mean, and perform some simple tests such as the t-test and testing differences within group’s, regression and factor analyses. The tourism students can use either Excel or SPSS or other software such as Microfit, Limdep, Eviews, among the many, to analyse their data. Regression analysis can be used to assess which variables are responsible to explain causes and variations in the variable of interest. Factor analysis can be used to reduce the number of variables in data analysis.