chapter  5
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Reviewing the literature

ByAnjusha Durbarry, Ramesh Durbarry

This chapter explains why the literature review forms an integral part of any research study and provides an insight into how the literature review is conducted. It discusses why it is important to conduct a literature review and, more importantly, how to conduct a critical literature review. A literature review is taking stock of the current or existing knowledge that has been generated on a particular subject, topic or research question. A literature review plays a significant role to: validate tourism student’s choice of research question; demonstrate that tourism students are familiar with up-to-date research regarding the top; provide background information required to understand the study; and fulfil the requirement of tourism students study. The framework for conducting literature review is divided into three phases. They are: sources of information – the key issues related to gathering relevant information; critical literature review – the data processing, evaluation, assessing for relevance; synthesising – writing the literature review including the bibliographic details.