Congruence: Attorney-Consumer Perceptions of Marketing Mix Elements
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What is the state of legal services marketing ten years after the important case of Bates v. the State Bar of Arizona? What has the evolution in the legal profession from a highly restrictive competitive environment to a far more laissez-faire competition meant? Is pricing, for example, more important now that lawyers can advertise? Have legal clinics in shopping malls and other convenient locations sensitized people to the distribution component of the marketing mix? The purpose of this article is to provide a researchbased overview of how potential and actual consumers (John Q. Public rather than corporate clients) of legal services today evaluate the various elements of the entire marketing mix in terms of each element's bearing on attorney selection. The article compares and contrasts these evaluations with the views of attorneys who try to put themselves in the position of a typical consumer of legal services. In addition, some image-type issues concerning marketing of legal services are considered.