Practice Enhancement and Marketing Strategies for Law Firms
ByWilliam J. Winston
Pages 18

The attorney in today's marketplace faces a major dilemma between constantly needing to retain existing clients and attracting new clients while not resorting to image-cheapening self-promotion. The balancing act makes many existing attorneys feel very uncomfortable when discussing marketing. This is especially true when they start exploring marketing strategies beyond the historical practice-building techniques of nurturing personal contacts and referral networks. The term "marketing" has various degrees of understanding by professionals. It is not unusual to experience these various definitions of marketing by physicians, accountants, architects, and all types of service professionals. In other words, the educational process of learning a new area such as marketing, which was never learned in professional education, is common through all professional disciplines. Attorneys are not alone in this learning process. However, the majority of practicing attorneys deal with clients and issues that, for the most part, are business related in some way. Attorneys come into contact with many more business related issues and situations than most other professions.