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the pauper

In the same category, on grounds of principle, is income received under various other statutes, such as the Fatal Accidents, Employers' Liability, Workmen's Compensation, Education, Old Age Pensions and National Insurance Acts. For all these statutes confer upon various classes of citizens the civil right to receive income, in money or in kind, in specified circumstances. War pensions to disabled soldiers and sailors or to their widows and dependents are likewise income from civil rights, and so, perhaps, are the perpetual pensions which are still being paid to successive Lords Rodney and Nelson, whose remote ancestors rendered conspicuous naval services. 2 It has in the past been the policy of English law, by disfranchisement and other means, to attach a " pauper taint " to the civil right to poor relief. But no such taint is attached, either by law or opinion, to the receipt of income from other civil rights. private charity. See the Poor Law Commissioners' Report (1910) on Fweign and Colonial Systems of Po<W Relief (cd. 5441).