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Further, among those who do a more or less normal amount of work, special legal enactments or collective agreements between employers and trade unions limit the hours of work in particular occupations. Under this head, there is a strong tendency to reduce the hours of work in modern industrial communities. The longest hours are now generally worked by the worst paid and least organised workers on the one hand, and on the other in various comparatively well paid occupations, where the worker is more or less his own master, but where leisure is apt to be undervalued in comparison with money. Again, different workers in the same occupation often perform very different amounts of work in the same time, especially when payment is based upon output rather than upon time occupied. It is more difficult to compare the amounts of work performed in a given time by workers in different occupations, or even in different branches of the same occupation, but, whatever method of comparison be chosen, there is no doubt that the amounts of work done by different individuals differ very greatly.