chapter  1
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Henry P. Brougham, unsigned review, Edinburgh Review

Dated January 1808, issued February 1808, XI, 285–9

Henry P. Brougham, the well-known lawyer and politician, was a member of the group that founded the Edinburgh Review, to which he was a frequent contributor. His effusions are spread over a dead flat, and can no more get above or below the level, than if they were so much stagnant water. Lord George Gordon Byron should have a care of attempting what the greatest poets have done before him, for comparisons are odious,– Thomas Gray's 'Ode on Eton College', should really have kept out the ten hobbling stanzas 'on a distant view of the village and school of Harrow.' It is a sort of privilege of poets to be egotists; but they should 'use it as not abusing it'; and particularly one who piques himself, of being 'an infant bard'–should either not know, or should seem not to know, so much about his own ancestry.