chapter  18
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‘Presbyter Anglicanus’, from a ‘Letter to the Author of Beppo’, Blackwood’s Magazine

June 1818, III, 323–9

In his ‘Note to the Editor, the anonymous author protests at the excessive indulgence shown to Byron by reviewers in Blackwood’s, and expresses his wonder at ‘the conduct of the ingenious critic [Jeffrey], who, in the last number of the Edinburgh Review, entertained us with a little, lively, flimsy dissertation on ludicrous poetry in general, and with many expressions of admiration for the ease, grace, and vivacity of this Venetian Story, without thinking himself bound to express a single feeling of indignation at the wickedness of those topics on which so much of all this ease, grace, and vivacity has been wasted.’ Byron later protested (LJ, IV, 475) at the reviewer’s identification of him with his heroes.