chapter  24
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Blackwood’s Magazine’s ‘Remarks on Don Juan’

August 1819, V, 512–18

In 'Remarks on Don Juan's number for July 1819 Blackwood's noted the receipt of a copy of Don Juan, with the comment. It is indeed truly pitiable to think that one of the greatest Poets of the age should have written a Poem that no respectable Bookseller could have published without disgracing himself, but a Work so atrocious must not be suffered to pass into oblivion without the infliction of that punishment on its guilty author due to such a wanton outrage on all most dear to human nature.' The moral strain of the whole poem is pitched in the lowest key, and if the genius of the author lifts him now and then out of his pollution, it seems as if he regretted the elevation, and made all haste to descend again. The mode in which researcher have expressed them, might be a sufficient apology for making no extracts from this poem itself.