chapter  27
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From John Gibson Lockhart’s anonymous Letter to the Right Hon. Lord Byron. 1

April/May 1821
WithJohn Bull

John Gibson Lockhart, Scott's son-in-law and biographer, and editor of the Quarterly Review from 1825 to 1853, was one of the main contributors to Blackwood's in its early years. His authorship of John Bull's Letter has been established by A. L. Strout, from whose edition the following extract is reprinted. Every body poring over the wicked, smiling face of Don Juan, pirated duodecimo competing it all over the island with furtive quarto; but the devil a word of warning in the high-spirited, most ethical, most impartial Quarterly Review. From the pure Quarterly, and its disowned, if not discarded, Cloaca, the leap is not 'Wilsonian' to the Edinburgh. Don Juan was not reviewed there neither; but Little's poems were; 'aye, there's the rub.' The sublime of Longinus means nothing whatever but the 'energetic'.