chapter  39
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Blackwood’s Magazine, on Don Juan Cantos VI to VIII and IX to XI

July, September 1823

Blackwood's comments on Don Juan alternate between moral outrage and robust appreciation, sometimes expressed by the same writers on different occasions. Cantos VI, VII and VIII were attacked by 'Timothy Tickler' in a letter to 'Christopher North' in the number for July 1823. This review was written by William Maginn and revised by Lockhart. The whole that can with justice be said of Byron, as to these two great charges, is, that he has practised in this age something of the licence of the age of our grandfathers. In doing so, he has acted egregiously amiss. The things were bad, nobody can doubt that, and we had got rid of them; and it did not become a man of Byron's genius to try to make his age retrograde in anything, least of all in such things as these.