Introduction: Becoming a Religious Education teacher
WithL. Philip Barnes, Andrew Wright, Ann-Marie Brandom
Pages 6

Most good teachers base their professional credentials not on force of personality but on hard graft. As a student teacher you must learn the craft of the classroom by becoming an apprentice to experienced tutors. The way to establish yourself as a teacher is by the observation and discerning imitation of those who, with years of experience behind them, know how to operate effectively in the classroom. The model of learning to teach as a craft, however, is only part of the story. Teaching is a profession, and becoming a professional teacher is all about becoming a ‘reflective practitioner’. The profession of teaching goes beyond mere imitation and transcends the mere passing on of traditional wisdom. As a teacher you must become critically aware and responsible in your role, capable of using your insights into the nature and purpose of education to take initiatives to develop and transform your practice.