chapter  5
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Gossiping in the Polish Club: An Emotional Coexistence of ‘Old’ and ‘New’ Migrants Aleksandra Galasin´ska

This paper explores the emotional coexistence of three groups of Polish migrants in the

UK. In particular it focuses on how this coexistence is reflected in narratives-in-

interaction produced by members of Polish communities. Methodologically the paper is

anchored in a constructivist view of emotions, when they are seen as discursive practice,

as way of speaking, rather than as some internal states associated with physiological

conditions of our bodies. Consequently, discourse and narrative analysis is my chosen

way to analyse emotions in a given research area of Polish migration. The data come

from my current project on leisure activities as well as cultural consumption among

Polish migrants and were collected in established Polish ‘centres’ in the UK. My

informants belong to three different groups of immigrants: 1) post-World War Two

immigration; 2) post-1989/pre-enlargement immigration; and 3) post-enlargement