chapter  2
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Athletes’ rights and Olympic reform: a discussion with Johann Koss, Ann Peel and Alexandra Orlando

WithAnn Peel, Alexandra Orlando Johann Koss, Ann Peel, Alexandra Orlando

Looking back on the last 10 years since the reform of the IOC, some positive changes have

been made although many of the ideals that were intended with the reform have not


I had the opportunity to be part of the IOC 2000 Commission. As an athlete from the

1994 Olympics it was possible for me to be elected to the IOC Athletes Commission in

1998, but before the reform there was no automatic process for members of the Athletes

Commission to become members of the IOC. There was an ad hoc group of athletes who

had an opportunity to influence the IOC but they were not members, could not vote, nor be

a part of the main decisions of the IOC or sit on any of the major committees. With the

reform, there was a major shift in the opportunities for athletes to become involved.