chapter  4
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Tourism planning and power within micropolitan community development

WithWilliam L. Obenour, Nelson Cooper

Community development includes planning for tourists’ experiences within metropolitan population centers as well as micropolitan communities with established tourist attractions such as Branson, Missouri (USA) or with existing natural attractions such as Hilton Head Island, SC (USA). In the United States, attention on tourism has been on the metropolitan centers of the larger cities in the United States which include 83% of the population compared to micropolitan areas with 10.3% (Mackun, 2005). Micropolitan communities are a rural county with an urban cluster with between 10,000 and 49,999 people and a total area population of up to 249,999 (Mackun, 2005). The micropolitan designation was officially incorporated in the United States in 2003 and provides a uniform definition for differentiating non-metropolitan areas from metropolitan areas (Brown, Cromartie, & Kulcsar, 2004).