chapter  7
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Cool Collaborations: Designing a Better Library Experience

WithRobert Fox, Cathy Carpenter, Ameet Doshi

Founded in 1885 as the Georgia School for Technology, the Georgia Institute of Technology is a science and technology university that produces engineers, architects, scientists, and industrial designers-a school where the design process is infused into the curriculum. Established as a strictly baccalaureate institution, Georgia Tech today has established an international reputation as a graduate research institution. Over 7,000 of its 21,000 students are graduate students and one-half of its income is derived from research funding. Despite this strong research emphasis, Georgia Tech places great importance on its undergraduate programs. Evidence of this importance

includes an active undergraduate research program, a position of prominence for undergraduate studies in the institute’s new strategic plan, and the Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons (Clough Commons, or CULC), scheduled to open fall 2011, which colocates undergraduate academic and technology support services with all science labs for first-and second-year students. The Clough Commons is being constructed so that it connects to the main Georgia Tech library.