chapter  9
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Strategically Leveraging Learning Space to Create Partnership Opportunities

WithTomalee Doan, Hal Kirkwood

EDUCAUSE identified advancing innovation in teaching and learning with technology in an era of budget cuts as one of today’s top teaching and learning challenges (Educause 2009). Jason Bearce, associate commissioner for higher education in Indiana, states, “every conversation we have with institutions now revolves around productivity. It’s not enough to find efficiencies in their operations; they must seek academic efficiencies as well, graduating more students more quickly with more demonstrable skills” (Bearce 2010). Students today come to campus with varying levels of competencies and learning styles. Research findings show that unless a learner is engaged in actively constructing knowledge, little will be learned or retained. As research on the physiological aspects of learning has revealed, “Active engagement

with the learning object-whether a lecture, laboratory process, text, or creative medium-increases the likelihood that the learner will both retain and be able to use information and skills later” (Lippincott 2009).