chapter  5
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Men at Sport: Gay Men’s Experiences in the Sport Workplace

WithElizabeth S. Cavalier

Research on sexual identity and sport has revealed a complex and shifting narrative about the experiences of gay men. While some suggest that the atmosphere for gay men in sport is hostile (Griffin, 1998; Harry, 1995;

Messner, 1992; Pronger, 1990), more recent research posits that homophobia and sexual prejudice are declining and playing less of a role in the experiences of gay men in sport (Anderson, 2009a, 2011). However, the vast majority of research concerning the intersections of sexuality, gender, and sport has focused solely on the experiences of athleteswhether at the high school (Anderson, 2005), collegiate (Muir & Seitz, 2004; Wolf-Wendel, Toma, & Morphew 2001), or professional levels (Amaechi, 2009; Freeman, 2003).