chapter  2
Pakistan After 9/11 Uncertain allegiances 63 Musharraf’s decline and fall 71 Zardari takes the reins 78 Economic troubles 80 ‘Talibanisation’ spreads into Pakistan 85 The US response 88 Pakistani action against militants 90 The nuclear issue 94
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Uncertain allegiances On 11 September 2001, ISI Director General Lieutenant-General

Mahmood Ahmed, who happened to be visiting Washington,

was given an ultimatum by the US government to declare

where Pakistan stood. Musharraf, who had ‘war-gamed’ the

possibility of having the US as an adversary, immediately

came up with the only possible response: to join the coalition

in the so-called ‘global war on terror’. He declared this to be in

Pakistan’s national interest. The alternative, he wrote later, was

to destroy the country for the Taliban.1