chapter  5
Turkey: An Emerging Hub of Globalization and Internationalist Humanitarian Actor?
ByRe at Bayer E. Fuat Keyman
Pages 18

ABSTRACT In an era of global turmoil generating significant challenges to global security and

requiring global solutions, humanitarian intervention, and assistance become central concerns at

the intersection of globalization studies and international relations. In this context, Turkey is

emerging as a more proactive and autonomous actor in foreign policy and as a regional and

global force in peacekeeping and humanitarian operations, making the country one of the key

actors of world politics. In this article, we demonstrate Turkey’s contributions to global security

through its increasing involvement in humanitarian assistance in different regions of the world,

and suggest that in doing so Turkey is not only contributing to global security but also creating

new norms of democratic global governance that bridge several seemingly contradictory

formations: European integration and Islamic solidarity; global South ascendance and NATO

stabilization; Ottoman nostalgia and internationalist modernism. But the primary focus will

be Turkish protagonism in peacekeeping interventions in Afghanistan to demonstrate the

multilateral manner through which humanitarian assistance norms are implemented.