chapter  11
Egypt as a Globalist Power: Mapping Military Participation in Decolonizing Internationalism, Repressive Entrepreneurialism, and Humanitarian Globalization between the Revolutions of 1952 and 2011
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ABSTRACT By intervening in the 2011 Revolution and moving to assert control over state and

society during the subsequent transitional period, the Egyptian military became visible again not

just as a defense institution and coercive apparatus operating in domestic space, but as a

regional and international actor. Much recent scholarship on and press coverage of Egypt

since the uprisings of 2011 have neglected the vibrant and contentious history of the

country’s participation in globalist politics and international interventions. In this light, this

study reflects upon three types of globalism-decolonizing developmentalism, humanitarian

militarism, and UN-centered internationalism-articulated by the state, political elites, and

transnational social movements in Egypt since the 1950s. This piece describes globalization

in Egypt from military and diplomatic history perspectives. Here I begin to develop a

theoretical apparatus that aims to identify mechanisms that shape convergence and

disjuncture between modes of developmentalism and internationalism in three periods: the

Third Worldist (1956-1973), Neoliberal (1973-2000), and Human Security (2000-2011)