chapter  1
Introduction: Global South to the Rescue: Emerging Humanitarian Superpowers and Globalizing Rescue Industries
ByPaul Amar
Pages 14

ABSTRACT The introductory essay offers a brief overview of current trends in critical

globalization studies and international relations scholarship that shed light on three

intersections: between imperialism and humanitarianism, between neoliberal globalization

and “rescue industry” transnationalism, and between patterns of geopolitical hegemony and

trajectories of peacekeeping internationalism. These research agendas have been generative

and politically useful, but have tended to neglect the forms of humanitarian and

peacekeeping agency emanating from the global south. In order to address this gap, this

introduction lays out a new research agenda that combines interdisciplinary methods from

global studies, gender and race studies, critical security studies, police and military

sociology, Third World diplomatic history, and international relations. This introduction also

theoretically situates the other contributions and case studies gathered here, providing a

framework of analysis that groups them into three clusters: (I) Globalizing Peacekeeper

Identities, (II) Assertive “Regional Internationalisms,” and (III) Emergent Alternative