chapter  4
The Pacification of Soldiering, and the Militarization of Development: Contradictions Inherent in Provincial Reconstruction in Afghanistan
ByRyerson Christie
Pages 20

ABSTRACT Provincial reconstruction teams (PRTs) are a natural outgrowth of the security/ development nexus and serve as an institutional response to a perceived need to listen to the

new subjects of Northern security: the helpless Southern villager who is suffering from

underdevelopment and insecurity. This article, through an analysis of primary interviews,

oral histories of PRT workers, and official documents undertakes an examination of the

different portrayals of PRTs by contributing states, militaries, the Afghani government, and

most importantly, local communities. By exploring the contradictory representations of these

new teams and the civil-military cooperation (CIMIC) officers that are at their heart, the

logic behind these teams can be explored. This article draws on literatures on militarized

masculinities to highlight the contestations over PRT identities to reveal the tensions around

the conflation of security and development. In so doing, this article challenges assumptions of

local communities as passive subjects of security and development to be fought over, and it

highlights the agency of Afghan communities that are too often rendered helpless recipients

of aid.