chapter  1
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Perspectives on Decentralization and Local Governance in Developing and Transitional Countries

WithChristopher J. Rees, Farhad Hossain

This special double issue on decentralization and local governance in developing and transitional countries is intended to explore further the contexts, achievements, progress and challenges of local governance and decentralization activities in various developing and transitional countries. The main aim of this article is to introduce the subject of the special issue. In the article, we examine the emergence of decentralization as a strategy associated with Public Sector Reform in developing and transitional countries, acknowledge and consider the influence of the private sector on decentralization in the public sector, identify various types of decentralization, and discuss various challenges which have emerged as a result of the implementation of decentralization initiatives in the public sectors of developing and transitional countries. The later sections of the article provide an overview of the articles that comprise this special edition.