chapter  7
Social Movements of Irregular Migrants, Recognition, and Citizenship
WithMilena Chimienti, John Solomos
Pages 18

ABSTRACT Irregular migration is an important issue in contemporary societies. This article

explores the changing position of irregular migrants from two angles. First, we analyse the

impact of irregular migration on conceptions of rights and citizenship. This is of particular

interest at a time when even the rights of ‘regular’ migrants are subject to much debate and

analysis. Second, we analyse the role of mobilisations by irregular migrants and their

supporters. We discuss scholarly debates about how to understand such mobilisations, as well

as drawing on specific examples from France and the UK. We argue that the analysis of the

claims that underpin irregular migrants’ mobilisations should offer more space to their

voices instead of those of their supporters. In so doing, we stress the importance of their

everyday struggle for existence rather than for citizenship and human rights.