chapter  1
Migration, Work, and Citizenship in the New World Order
WithRonaldo Munck, Carl Ulrik Schierup & Raúl Delgado Wise
Pages 12

Any consideration of global migration in relation to work and citizenship must necessarily

be situated in the context of the Great Recession. A whole historical chapter-that of

neoliberalism-has now closed and the future can only be deemed uncertain. Migrant workers

were key players during this phase of the global system, supplying cheap and flexible labour

inputs when required in the rich countries. Now, with the further sustainability of the neoliberal

political and economic world order in question, what will be the role of migration in terms of

work patterns and what modalities of political citizenship will develop? While informalization

of the relations of production and the precarization of workwere once assumed to be the exception,

that is no longer the case. As for citizenship we posit a parallel development of precarious citizen-

ship formigrants,made increasingly vulnerable by the global economic crisis. Butwe are also in an

era of profound social transformation, in the context of which social counter-movements emerge,

which may halt the disembedding of the market from social control and its corrosive impact.