chapter  2
Demographic Colonialism: EU–African Migration Management and the Legacy of Eurafrica
WithPeo Hansen & Stefan Jonsson
Pages 16

ABSTRACT This article analyses current EU-African migration policy, but argues that it must

be understood in its historical context. Whereas migration today is to be managed in the

framework of an EU-African partnership model built on equality and mutual ‘win-win’

dynamics, a closer look at the history of EU-African migration reveals striking parallels

between past and present. Throughout the period from the 1920s and onward, the migration

policies devised within various frameworks of European integration have been shaped by

demographic projections. Each time demography has governed European migration policy

vis-a`-vis Africa, what has first been introduced as a mutual interest has quickly been

transformed into a geopolitical relationship, where one partner has channelled migration to

its own benefit. It is thus argued that unless scholars start to attend to European integration’s

crucial colonial history, current power asymmetries between the ‘partners’ will not only

remain obscure; we will also fail to recognize the continued, even increasing, currency of

colonial ideology in the EU’s African relations.