chapter  7
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Singapore Water Management Policies and Practices

WithIvy Ong Bee Luan

This paper explains the governance of water management in Singapore, focusing

particularly on the institutional/legal framework that ensures effective implementation of

its water management policies.

Singapore is a small city-state of about 700 km

, with limited natural water resources.

It is densely populated with a population of 4.8 million. The country is located just off the

southern tip of the Malay Peninsula and is linked toWest Malaysia, its northern neighbour,

by a bridge commonly known as the Causeway, which is 1.056 km long carrying a road,

a railway, and water pipelines across the Straits of Johore (Motha & Yuen, 1999).

Singapore’s strategic position and its relatively small size has, throughout its history,

given its population a heightened sense of the unique nature of the city-state, as well as its

isolation and vulnerability.