chapter  4
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The Water–Energy Puzzle in Central Asia: The Tajikistan Perspective

WithMurodbek Laldjebaev

The coming together on 28 April 2009 of the heads of the Central Asian countries-

Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan-to discuss the issue

of the Aral Sea ‘ended with the signing of an agreement without any specific detail on

transnational water management’ (Marat, 2009). Albeit an important one, the issue of the

Aral Sea is one among many in the region that remain unresolved. The intricacy,

interrelatedness, and complexity of the issues surrounding the management and use of the

region’s natural resources call for a careful analysis of each issue. In this paper, the scope

of the discussion will be restricted mainly to water-energy issues, and the focus will be

primarily on Tajikistan. The rationale for such a concentration stems from the author’s

interest in the water-energy problem of Tajikistan. The significance of the discussion,

however, is intended for ordinary people who suffer the consequences of the unresolved

issues in the water and energy sectors. This paper aims to contribute towards demystifying

the water-energy puzzle by searching for the sources of the problems as well as avenues

for their resolution.