chapter  7
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The Experience Economy and the Transformation of Urban Governance and Planning

WithHans Peter Therkildsen, Carsten Jahn Hansen & Anne Lorentzen

Many western-world cities are reorienting themselves in order to strengthen their develop-

ment conditions, often in response to local industrial decline as well as intercity and global

competitiveness agendas. Recently, the “experience economy” has emerged as a post-

industrial development perspective that may provide a new or different kind of agenda

and dynamics to processes of change in urban areas (Schulze, 1992; Clark, 2004;

Romein, 2005; Lorentzen, 2009). Alongside this, urban governance and planning activities

increasingly seem to be moving away from simplified physical views of cities to a much

more integrated and strategic approach, in which attention is focused on the complex inter-

play of economic, socio-cultural, environmental and political/administrative dynamics as these evolve across and within an urban area (Healey, 2007, p. 3).