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Discovering Memories of Abuse in the Light of Meta-Awareness

WithJonathan W. Schooler

This chapter addresses the concerns by reviewing seven recovered memory cases in which there was independent corroborative evidence for the alleged abuse. It explains how individuals can come to discover seemingly forgotten memories of actual abuse. The chapter explores the implications of meta- awareness and discovery misattribution for accounting for discovered memories of real events; it may also have important theoretical implications for discovering false memories. A critical component of the daydreaming while reading example is the jolt of meta-awareness that one experiences upon discovering the lapse. A lack of meta-awareness can explain why individuals fail to notice the remarkable discrepancies that occur in dreams. The fact that meta-awareness may be more apt to be completely suspended at night may help to explain some of the more severe claims of precipitous forgetting that some individuals with discovered memories have reported. Prevention of post-experience retrospective meta-awareness.