Community Interventions Concerning Homophobic Violence and Partner Violence Against Lesbians: Suzanna M. Rose
Pages 15

Homophobic hate crime victimization and same-sex partner violence are two types of violence known to affect lesbians that recently have begun to receive attention from researchers, mental health providers, and policy makers. Homophobic violence refers to harassment or assault that is based on prejudice concerning the victim’s actual or perceived sexual orientation (Berrill, 1992). Homophobic violence is widespread, with estimates indicating that one in five lesbians have been assaulted in an anti-lesbian incident in their lifetime (e.g., Herek, Gillis, & Cogan, 1999). Less is known about the prevalence of lesbian partner violence, but some research suggests that domestic violence is about as common in lesbian relationships as in heterosexual ones, with one in five lesbians experiencing at least one incident (e.g., West, 2002).