Sexual Abuse in Lesbian and Bisexual Young Women: Associations with Emotional/Behavioral Difficulties, Feelings About Sexuality, and the “Coming Out” Process: Jennifer S. Robohm, Brian W. Litzenberger and Laurie Anne Pearlman
Pages 17

In recent years, the needs of lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) adolescents have received growing attention. Prior research has indicated that these youth may be at risk for a number of difficulties, including anxiety and depression, social isolation, running away, school problems, prostitution, alcohol/substance abuse, suicidality and self-injury, trouble with the law, and infection with HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases (Anhalt & Morris, 1998; Dempsey, 1994; Gibson, 1989; Lock & Steiner, 1999; Remafedi, 1987; Rotheram-Borus, Rosario, Meyer-Bahlburg, Koopman, Dopkins, & Davies, 1994; Savin-Williams, 1994). It has been suggested that factors related to being a sexual minority in a homophobic culture may explain the problems seen in this population (DiPlacido, 1998; Savin-Williams, 1994). It is reasonable to assume that other risk factors may also account for some of the distress seen in LGB youth.