chapter  15
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Axial Flux Switched Reluctance Machines

WithJianing (Joanna) Lin

Switched reluctance machines (SRM) can fall into three classifications based on the direction of flux through the air gap: radial, transversal, and axial flux. The first axial flux machine was developed in 1821 by British physicist Michael Faraday. He invented a primitive disc motor that was the early form of an electric machine. When the stator coils are excited, the flux generated has the tendency to move the rotor from a position with a larger magnetic reluctance to a position with the minimum. The design equation is well developed for conventional radial flux SRMs. The output power equation represents the relationship between the output power and various geometric and control parameters of the motor, such as inner and outer diameter, stack length, pole height, pole arc angles, and number of turns. Reducing copper losses in electric machines is always an important issue. It not only improves motor efficiency, but also reduces temperature rise.