chapter  16
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Switched Reluctance Motor and Drive Design Examples

ByBerker Bilgin, James Weisheng Jiang, Alan Dorneles Callegaro

Electric motor shipment is expected to increase significantly in the next decade with the increase in the demand for electrification. Due to their high torque density and higher efficiency especially in the low- to medium-speed range, permanent magnet machines are currently utilized heavily in residential, commercial, and transportation sectors. Household forced-air heating ventilation and air conditioning systems are used to control the heating and cooling temperatures in the majority of residential houses. The furnace typically uses natural gas, heating oil, or electricity to heat the air circulating in the household and blow it through a ventilation system that outputs to different areas of the home. The design constraints of the switched reluctance machines are limited to the same outer diameter and axial stack length of the commercial furnace blower motor and the same input power, while still being capable of meeting the performance requirements of the target motor.