chapter  5
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Switched Reluctance Machines in Generating Mode

ByBerker Bilgin

In wind turbines, the wind power drives the shaft of the generator. When a switched reluctance machine operates in motoring mode, it draws current from the source connected to the direct current link. The inverter regulates the current, and torque is generated as a result of electromechanical energy conversion. Electromechanical energy conversion is bi-directional: mechanical energy can also be converted into electrical energy. By regulating the phase currents through the inverter, mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy. Hence, the output voltage and the current supplied to the load can be controlled. If the rotor pole is forced to move beyond the aligned position by applying external torque to the shaft, the stator pole tends to decrease the reluctance in the circuit and tries to keep the rotor pole at the aligned position. This applies an opposing torque on the prime mover.