chapter  6
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Materials Used in Switched Reluctance Machines

ByElizabeth Rowan, James Weisheng Jiang

Lamination steel, so named because it is cut from thin sheets being stacked or laminated together, is used primarily for its magnetic properties. Magnetic flux prefers to flow though materials with high magnetic permeability. Steel has much higher permeability than air, making it the preferred route. Electrical steel is a common type of lamination steel used in motors and is used as the example material when discussing manufacturing and processing. High levels of impurities can be very detrimental to the final quality of the steel produced. In order to reduce impurities and inclusions as much as possible, steel can undergo a hot metal pretreatment. Atoms in metals are arranged in an orderly manner, and can be alloyed with metal and non-metal elements. Metals are considered crystalline, where the atoms are situated in a repeating array that extends throughout the material.